Phonics Plug-In ONE

Readsters’ Phonics Plug-In series teaches beginning and struggling readers to decode well.

Phonics Plug-In ONE is the first set of lessons in a planned 6 set series delivering a full scope and sequence of phonics instruction. Click here for an outline of each set in the series.

Phonics Plug-In ONE is explicit, systematic, multisensory, small group phonics instruction for beginning readers and for older struggling readers.

Will Phonics Plug-In ONE Help Your Students?

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Instruction and Practice

Each of the 10 Units includes intensive instruction and practice for:

  • Phonemic Awareness – blending, segmenting, and manipulating 2–4 sound words with short and long vowel sounds.
  • Phonics – reading and spelling 1- and 2-syllable words with short vowels, single consonants, and digraphs (e.g., sun, chip, catnip, bathtub, picnic)
  • High Frequency Words – reading and spelling 78 high frequency words from the Dolch 220 Word List.
  • Accuracy and Rate – reading and spelling 1- and 2- syllable words in lists, phrases, sentences, and passages.

The lessons also include less intensive instruction and practice for:

  • Fluency – students read words, phrases, sentences, and passages until they read with accuracy and reasonable rate and expression.
  • Vocabulary – vocabulary words are introduced with student-friendly definitions and are included several times in the phrases, sentences, and passages.
  • Comprehension – students find and underline the answers to questions about the passages they read at the end of each unit.
  • Spelling – students learn to spell high frequency and decodable words they can read.

Each of the 10 Units has up to 25 Parts that ensure students get extensive individual practice.

Target Students

Kindergarten and Early First Grade
In Phonics Plug-In One lessons, beginning readers in kindergarten and early first grade learn and cement the habit of accurate decoding at a reasonable rate as they learn to read.

Struggling Readers
The lessons help struggling readers in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades who have not adequately mastered basic decoding skills during core instruction. The lessons give these students the explicit, systematic instruction, along with ample practice, that they may not have had in their core instruction. Phonics Plug-In ONE is also appropriate for some students in higher grades who have severe decoding weaknesses.

Qualifying Assessments

The Readiness Assessment: Kindergarten is administered to determine if a student has the necessary pre-reading skills to start learning to read with Phonics Plug-In ONE.

Click here to download the Readiness Assessment: Kindergarten.

The Qualifying Assessment: Grade 1 and Up is administered to determine whether Phonics Plug-In ONE is appropriate instruction for a student who is struggling to read.

Click here to download the Qualifying Assessment: Grade 1 and Up.

Small Group Instruction

The Phonics Plug-In ONE Units are for small group instruction. Ideally, the small groups will be no more than 4 students. However, the materials include practice for up to 8 students in a group.

Practice to Mastery

Each of the 10 Units has up to 25 Parts that ensure students get extensive individual practice. Students immediately re-read the word list, phrase, sentence, or passage section if they make a mistake. This means students always finish by reading with 100% accuracy and are developing the habit of accurate reading.

Click here for a list of the 25 Parts.

Scripted Lesson Plans

With the scripted lesson plans, teachers know exactly how to deliver the lessons. Phonics Plug-In ONE scripts and repeated routines are easy to follow. They ensure that lessons are delivered with maximum student involvement, while minimizing unnecessary teacher talk. The scripted lessons also make certain that lesson delivery is explicit, thorough, and systematic, and that teachers include modeling (I Do), structured practice (We Do), and individual practice (You Do) for each skill taught.

The lesson plans are complete so teachers do not have to create materials or lesson plans. Each session starts wherever the group stopped in the Unit at the end of the previous session.

Click here for Sample Pages.

Scope and Sequence – Critical Foundational Skills

Phonics Plug-In ONE instruction gives students the critical foundational skills to be accurate and fluent readers.

The lessons teach students to read 1- and 2-syllable words (no schwa) with short vowels, the digraphs sh, ch, ck, wh, and th (voiced and unvoiced) – no blends.

The phonemic awareness parts teach students to identify and label the short and long vowel sounds in 2–4 sound spoken words.

Students also learn to spell and read 78 high frequency words.

Click here for detailed Scope and Sequence.

Explicit, Systematic, Sequential, & Multi-Sensory Instruction

Phonics Plug-In ONE instruction is systematic, explicit, sequential, and multi-sensory. Students practice spelling with colored tiles and letter tiles so they see, feel, and say the relationships between sounds and letters. Students read only decodable words (words spelled with phonics patterns previously taught) and high frequency words that have been explicitly taught. That means students have the ability to self-correct any mistakes they make (sometimes with guidance from the teacher) so they become self-reliant readers.

Progress Monitoring

Each Unit has Unit Check-Ups that are administered individually to determine if a student is ready to move to the next Unit. A Group Tracking Chart is included in the Teacher Book to provide a snapshot of the group’s progress.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete Phonics Plug-In ONE units will be able to:

  • Accurately read, at a reasonable rate, 1- and 2-syllable words that follow the short vowel pattern in lists, phrases, sentences, and short passages.
  • Accurately read 78 high frequency words from the Dolch 220 List.
  • Name the most common sound for all 26 letters and for the digraphs ch, ck, sh, th, and wh.
  • Give the sound and label (e.g., short a, long i) for all 10 short and long vowel sounds.
  • Blend, segment, and substitute phonemes in 2–4 sound spoken words with long and short vowel sounds.

Ordering Guide

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packet1Each teacher will need:

1 Lesson Plan Set $250.00
Program Guide & Assessments
Lesson Plan Books 1 and 2

1 Basic Letter Tile Set $38.00



workbooksFor each group being taught:
1 Teacher Book per group. $65.00
The teacher writes in Teacher Book when modeling, records student performance during practice, and scores the End of Unit Check-Ups in the book, so one book cannot be used for more than one group.



packet2Each student will need:

1 Practice Book$45.00
The students write in their Practice Books so they cannot be shared.

1 Basic Letter Tile Set $38.00
Tile Sets can be shared across groups not meeting at the same time.

Vowel Sound Posters: Available in 2 Formats

Vowel Sound Poster
Vowel Sound Charts on 1 Poster
All 4 vowel sound category charts on one full-color, 17” x 22” poster: short, long, r-controlled and other vowel sounds.
Poster ships flat, folded to 8.5” x 11”.$6.00

Vowel Sound Charts on 4 Posters
Each of the 4 vowel sound category charts on a separate, full color, 12.75” x 16.5” poster in a set of four.
Posters ship flat, folded to 8.5” x 11”.$10.00

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The Phonics Plug-In Series

Beginning Phonics: Phonics Plug-In ONE, TWO, and THREE.
Students learn to accurately decode one-, two-, and three-syllable words with short vowels and schwa. Students also learn to read and spell irregularly spelled high frequency words from the Dolch 220 list.

Advanced Phonics: Phonics Plug-In FOUR, FIVE, and SIX
Student learn to accurately decode single- and multi-syllable words with the complex vowel spellings for r-controlled vowels, long vowels, and other vowels and words with suffixes.

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Phonics Plug-In ONE (available now)

  • high frequency words:
    • 36 irregularly spelled words
    • 47 decodable words
  • phonological and phonemic awareness:
    • count, blend, and segment syllables
    • difference between syllables and sounds
    • identify first and last syllable and first and last sound
    • segment and blend sounds with 2–4 sound words
    • identify first and last sounds
    • identify and label short and long vowel sounds
    • sound chains with 3-sound words: substitution
  • phonics:
    • real and nonsense 1-syllable words with short vowels
    • digraphs: ch, ch, sh, th, wh
    • 2-syllable words with short vowels – no schwa
    • f, l, s doubled at end of words
    • 3 spellings for /k/
    • 2 spellings for /w/

Phonics Plug-In TWO (being written now)

  • high frequency words:
    • 37 irregularly spelled words
    • 25 decodable words
  • phonemic awareness:
    • blend and segment 2–5 sound words
    • identify and label r-controlled and “other” (/ou/, /oi/, /ōō/, /ŏŏ/) vowel sounds
    • sound chains with 2–4 sound words – substitution, deletion, addition
  • phonics:
    • suffixes –s, -es, -ing, -er, -est
    • trigraphs –tch, -dge
    • schwa in 2-syllable words
    • 2-sound consonant blends
    • suffixes
    • y spells long e at the end of a multi-syllable word
    • spelling patterns -all, -ing, -ink

Phonics Plug-In THREE

  • high frequency words:
    • 16 irregularly spelled words
    • 5 decodable words
  • phonemic awareness:
    • review: segmenting 2–5 sound words
    • review: identifying and labeling all vowel sounds
  • phonics:
    • suffix -ed
    • the 1-1-1 doubling rule for adding vowel suffixes
    • spelling patterns -ang, -ing, -ong, and -ung
    • spelling patterns -ank, -ink, -onk, and -unk
    • 3-sound consonant blends
    • 3-syllable words with short vowels and schwa
    • ar spelling /ar/ and or spelling /or/

Phonics Plug-In FOUR

  • high frequency words:
    • 4 decodable words
  • phonemic awareness:
    • review: identifying and labeling all vowel sounds
  • phonics:
    • /er/ spelled er, ir, ur, ear
    • consonant-le with closed syllables
    • other spellings of /uhl/
    • long vowels spelled w/ 1 vowel letter (open syllables)
    • c spells /k/ and /s/
    • g spells /g/ and /j/
    • common exceptions to g followed i, e, or y spells /j/
    • consonant and vowel suffixes

Phonics Plug-In FIVE

  • high frequency words:
    • 2 irregularly spelled words
    • 30 decodable words
  • phonemic awareness:
    • review: identifying and labeling all vowel sounds
  • phonics:
    • silent-e pattern:
      • 1-syllable words
      • multi-syllable words
      • spelling schwa
      • with suffixes
    • long o, a, i, e, u vowel spellings
    • i spelling long e

Phonics Plug-In SIX

  • high frequency words:
    • 18 decodable words
  • phonemic awareness:
    • review: identifying and labeling all vowel sounds
  • phonics:
    • /ōō/, /oi/, /ŏŏ/, /ou/ vowel spellings
    • aw & au spell /aw/ or /ŏ/
    • ow spells 2 sounds: /ō/ and /ou/
    • oo spells 2 sounds: /ōō/ and /ŏŏ/
    • ea spells 3 sounds: /ē/, /ĕ/, and /ā/
    • spelling patterns: -tion, -ture
    • split vowels: 2 vowel letters next to each other spelling 2 sounds (e.g., create)