Supporting Excellent Reading Instruction
So All Students Can Read

Linda Farrell and Michael Hunter welcome you to the Readsters® website. At Readsters our passion for seeing students of all ages learn to read inspires the support we deliver. Explore our website to see the many ways we might support you.

Readsters supports excellent reading instruction through:

Consulting and Professional Development

  • Working in schools to model, foster, and guide effective reading instruction for meeting the needs of all students.
  • Presenting workshops for reading educators on all aspects of reading, with a special emphasis on beginning and struggling readers.
  • Presenting at reading conferences around the nation.
  • Providing training and consulting related to Phonics Blitz™Phonics Boost™, and the Diagnostic Decoding Surveys, products for reading instruction and assessment coauthored by Linda Farrell and Michael Hunter.
  • Helping schools develop goals and objectives that support the Common Core Standards and state standards for reading and language arts.



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