Readsters’ products help students become better readers. They ensure that students develop the basic skills required by strong readers, strengthen targeted weaknesses, and exchange poor reading habits for good reading habits.

Readsters offers the following products:

Phonics Plug-In ONE

Phonics Plug-In ONE is explicit, systematic, sequential, multi-sensory phonics instruction in basic phonics, with phonemic awareness and high frequency words, for beginning readers and for older struggling readers.
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Practice Packets

The Downloadable Practice Packets fix common letter (b-d, m-n, p-q, etc.) and word (was-saw, were-where, how-now, etc.) confusions.
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Letter Tiles

The Basic Letter Tile Set is magnetic letter tiles, colored tiles and dry-erase workspace in a compact, one piece case.
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Lesson Plan Set

Lesson Plan Set
Price: $250.00

Practice Book

Price: $45.00

Teacher Book

Price: $65.00

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