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Linda Farrell, M.Ed.

Volunteering to teach adult struggling readers was a natural for Linda, who is a former English teacher, school counselor, and lifelong bookworm. Linda met her mentor, Dr. Louisa Moats, while she was volunteering to teach adults to read. She has since coauthored the Teaching Reading Essentials Program Guide and Coaches Guide with Dr. Moats. Linda is also coauthor, with Michael Hunter, of Phonics Blitz™ (1st Edition), Phonics Boost™, and the Diagnostic Decoding Surveys. Linda was a National LETRS Trainer with Dr. Moats for seven years. She has been presenting workshops, giving speeches, authoring publications, and developing reading assessment and instructional materials for more than 10 years. To keep her skills fresh and innovative, Linda works with struggling readers of all ages whenever she gets the chance to do so.

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Michael Hunter, M.Ed.

In 2001 Michael’s focus shifted from concrete construction to concrete instruction when he left his position as president of his company to pursue a career in helping students learn to read using the most effective methods available. His passion for teaching struggling readers grew from volunteering to teach adults to read in Washington, DC. Methods traditionally used in adult education did not work, so he looked for other programs. Michael was fortunate to meet Dr. Louisa Moats, who steered him toward explicit, structured, systematic instruction that was immediately effective. He now enjoys all his opportunities to assist learning readers of any age and ability level. Michael is coauthor, with Linda Farrell, of Phonics Blitz™ (1st Edition), Phonics Boost™, and the Diagnostic Decoding Surveys.

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