Phonics Plug-In Resources

The following are free, downloadable resources related to the Phonics Plug-In program.

Qualifying Assessments

The Readiness Assessment: Kindergarten is administered to determine if a student has the necessary pre-reading skills to start learning to read with Phonics Plug-In ONE.

The Qualifying Assessment: Grade 1 and Up is administered to determine whether Phonics Plug-In ONE is appropriate instruction for a student who is struggling to read.

Heart Word Cards

Phonics Plug-In ONE Heart Word Cards are for additional heart word review. Heart Words are irregularly spelled, high-frequency words taught and practiced in Phonics Plug-In lessons. This downloadable packet has each heart word on one card. The unit number in which the heart word is taught is on the lower right of each card. There are two sets of heart word cards in the packet. One set has the heart symbol over heart letters, as they appear in the Student book. The other set does not have the heart symbol over the heart letters. Teachers can decide which set they think is appropriate for each student.