Our Work

At Readsters, we are lifelong learners. We have observed hundreds of teachers, modeled in scores of classrooms, and assessed thousands of students. Most importantly, we have taught beginning and struggling readers of all ages. These experiences ensure we offer effective, experience-based advice to teachers. In addition, we read research, interact with other reading experts, participate in conferences, and follow education policy to ensure that our solutions to reading issues are research-based and in line with best practices.


We support schools and districts in many ways, including staff development and mentoring, evaluating students’ instructional needs, analyzing data, recommending instructional programs, recommending and modeling effective teaching techniques, and customizing goals and objectives to support Common Core Standards and state standards. Our services range from one-time visits to on-going relationships.

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International Consulting

In our quest to insure all children learn to read, Readsters has extended its reach to early grade reading projects in Africa. Since 2012, we have been helping create reading curriculum for teaching reading in mother tongue languages.

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We have been providing workshops on various aspects of reading instruction and assessment to schools, districts, and organizations since 1993. In addition to our existing workshops, we can develop a new workshop on any topic related to beginning or struggling readers. Our personal experience teaching many beginning and struggling readers helps us understand the problems students and teachers encounter. We develop and deliver solutions that work.

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Presenting at education- and reading-related conferences is always an honor for us. We have enjoyed giving keynote addresses, workshops, and breakout sessions at both national and regional conferences.

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