Lesson Plan Set

Lesson Plan Set

Each teacher will need one set, which includes:

Program Guide & Assessments 

  • Provides overview, CCSS and RTI information, research base, directions and tips for how to teach Plug-In ONE Units, description of lesson parts, and helpful resources.
  • Includes the Phonics Plug-In ONE Qualifying Assessment: Kindergarten and the Phonics Plug-In ONE Readiness Assessment: First Grade and Up which are used to determine if students will benefit from Phonics Plug-In ONE instruction and practice.
  • Spiral bound, 90 pages



Lesson Plan Books 1 and 2 

  • Fully scripted lesson plans for the Getting Started lesson and each of the 10 Units.
  • The lesson plans include scripted routines and word lists needed for each activity.
  • Scrambled Sentence Word Cards for Part 23:
    • On card stock in back pocket of lesson plan books
    • 1 set of Teacher Scrambled Sentence Cards – large word cards used for modeling
    • 8 sets of Student Scrambled Sentence Cards – small word cards used to arrange sentences
  • Includes the Positive Error Correction Booklet in back pocket. This booklet has directions and example scripts for positive error correction.
  • Spiral bound and tabbed, 472 & 448 pages

Sample Pages

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