Downloadable Practice Packet #4 – Fixing Silent-e Confusions


Use this packet to fix Silent-e Confusions!

This packet is for confusions reading words with closed (CVC) and silent-e syllables (VCe).

Students use practice pages with a teacher to develop accuracy and automaticity when reading similarly spelled words with and without silent-e (e.g., hop-hope, shin-shine, glob-globe). Students begin their practice with learning a pair of short and long vowel sounds and spellings. Then students practice using multi-sensory scaffolds to clarify the sounds that the short and long vowel spellings represent. After mastering a pair of spellings, students learn and practice another. Each step of the practice includes a cumulative practice with all previously learned spelling pairs. Once students demonstrate no confusion reading words when using the scaffolds, they move to reading words without using the scaffolds and finally reading sentences with potentially confusing words. When students finish all steps of the practice, they do not need the scaffolds and they no longer confuse words such as hop and hope.

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